Frequently Asked Questions

Who will shoot the photos?
The photoshoot at the cermony and/or evnt will be doen by members of our expert photographers crew.
Trash the dress (TTD)? What is this?
This is a very special kind of photo shoot that takes place at the beach and produces some of the most spectacular and romantic wedding photos. We start out by shooting photos on the sand (while the dress is still dry) and then gradually go into the ocean shooting more and more photos until the dress is completely wet. This, of course, takes place after the wedding day because there is a good chance that the dress will be completely trashed (ruined).
How long does the TTD photoshoot last?
It takes approximately TWO HOURS of continuous shooting.
What does Underwater TTD mean?
“Under Water Trash The Dress” is a photoshoot session that takes place at a sweet water Cenote and at the beach. Just as a regular TTD session, we start out by shooting photos at the beach (while the dress is still dry) and then gradually go into the water – ending with stunning photos that are completely under water, giving the bride a mystical and enchanting look. Please note that to do this, we’ll require an additional fee to cover transportation, a lifeguard and Cenote entrance fees.
How many photos will you shoot?
It’s not easy to pre-establish an exact amount of photos that will be taken during your session. It depends on a lot of different factors like the number of guests, the size of the ceremony/reception, etc. What we can tell you is that it is usually double the amount of prints that are included in the package you order. You can rest assured that you will only receive the BEST IMAGES – we don’t keep any good photos for ourselves.
Who selects the images to be printed?
We do. You can trust our experience to take care of this task… However, if you feel like doing it yourself, then great (as it takes work from us). The only consideration is that this usually results in a short delay of your wedding photo pagckage. If you want to select the photos yourself, we’ll email you a ZIP file with a low-resultion version of all the photos – and it takes us approximately 4 days to prepare this zip file for you.
When do I get my Wedding Package photos and CDs?
It all depends on the amount of photos included. If the shooting takes 3 hours or less, we can deliver it within 3-4 days to your hotel room or even meet you at the airport on the day of your depature. However, if the photoshoot took longer than 3 hours, we’ll need two to four weeks to send you the photos and discs – We need some time to deliver excellent quality work!
Can you stay longer at my wedding if I request it?
Yes, the fee per hour for our photographers and videographers is just $150/hr each.
Can we split the Wedding Package in more than one session?
Unfortunately no. The coverage of your event is continuous, with no breaking time.
What are transportation fees?
We are located in the city of Cancún and charge no additional fees for sessions in the city. However, we do require some additional transportation fees: If you want us to move to the Mayan Riviera or Isla Mujeres ($100 USD) or to Cozumel or Tulúm ($150 USD).
Dinner for the crew?
If you hire us for more than 6 hours, we request dinner for our crew. Due to the hot weather and their non-stop efforts, they’ll need a break to grab a bite and drink something (the meal does NOT need to be from your wedding menu). However, even when our team is taking this break, they will keep attending your event. They do not need to be seated with your guests, but we do recommend that you sit them close enough to you at all times.
Can you work in different resorts and hotels in Cancún and the Mayan Riviera?
Most hotels, resorts, boutique hotels & beach clubs have no problem with us working there. Some of them have penalization fees or ask you to buy a “day pass” for us… If this is the case with your hotel, WE OFFER TO PAY 50% OF THE PENALTY RATE FOR HIRING US AS AN OUT OF SITE VENDOR (please ask your wedding coordinator about this).
Do you make a contract?
Yes we do. Before you make any payments, we’ll work on a contract and once both parties (you and us) agree on it, you can make the deposting for your booking and get the signed contract in return.
How can we book with you and what is your payment policy?
The initial deposit (for booking a date) can be sent to us via PayPal or through a bank wire transfer to our bank account (the amount you’ll send depends on the package you hire). The rest can be paid at the wedding with cash or with American Express Traveller Checks.
Do you accept credit cards?
Only via PayPal for the initial deposit and the second payment must be made in USD cash or in PayPal at least one week before the shooting
Can you travel outside of México?
Yes we can. As travel destination photographers, we can adapt to any condition or location around the globe.
Will the video have original sound?
Yes. The video samples shown at our website are just clips that show what we can do for you… the full DVD version of your wedding video will have all the original audio and music from your event. We also like to personalize your video with music that has special meaning to the married couple – and for this reason, we’ll ask you to send us a list of 4 to 6 songs you like so we can edit them into your film.