Beach wedding ?

Weddings on the beach? Are trendy !!!

boda riviera maya wedding cancun

Conventional weddings have long ago lagged behind. Every day more couples decide for a ceremony by the sea.

At the top of a cliff or even on the deck of a boat.

If we think about it, it is an incredible way to reunite family and friends with the comfort of being all in the same tune, that is, on vacation !!!

The coast of the Riviera Maya and Cancun are presented as the perfect setting for a simple, elegant and airy wedding.

Are you sure that you want your marriage bond to be very romantic and unforgettable?

They want to give themselves the “Yes I want” on the sand of a beautiful beach and with the noise of the waves of the sea in the background?

Pay attention because we tell you what are the main aspects that should be taken into account:

First, before you begin with your wedding preparations, you should analyze your budget as these types of celebrations are usually more expensive.

At dawn or at dusk, in broad daylight or lit by candles at midnight.

No matter the moment you choose for your link, the important thing is that they find an inspiring place, where they feel comfortable and first of all: happy.

Second: Leven anchors and travel the Riviera Maya by internet: starting in Cancun, following Puerto Morelos, stopping in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and arriving to Tulum, Q. Roo., Mexico in search of the best places to Celebrate your wedding on the beach.

There are an endless number of Hotels, Villas and Beach Clubs. You will surely find the ideal place suited to your needs and budget.

Third: What kind of Ceremony do you want?

Civil marriage. In the following link you will find the information and requirements to get married in the state of Quintana Roo. Mexico.

Catholic Marriage. It gets a bit tricky here. This is because The Catholic Archdiocese only allows celebrations on consecrated altars for marriage. Requirements for Catholic weddings.

Marriage of Christian denomination. It is usually possible anywhere you choose, but still consult your pastor or religious guide about it.

Third. Be sure to hire the best wedding providers.

There are for all kinds of budget.

Flower shops.


Make up and hairstyle. Https://

Wedding Photography

Each wedding is special, unique for the location, design and style that each couple wants to give it, unique is also how each couple live their big day.

For us also every wedding is special, as Wedding Photographers we are professionals in capturing forever that special day.

Request your personalized quote for your wedding photos now!

  • Congratulations if you decide for a Beach wedding !! Cancun Beach wedding, Playa del Carmen Beach wedding, Tulum Beach wedding, Puerto aventuras Beach wedding 

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